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Intensive Reiki Experience
The Next Local Class - Threshold Reiki Shihan/Master - a more complete Reiki system
Vancouver, BC (downtown) - 2 day class - April 11 and 18, 2016
Free Sample of the main section of my Threshold Reiki 1 Manual - Click Here  
Did You Know?   Evidence that Hawayo Takata Occasionally Taught Reiki Remotely  by Robert Fueston

Last Updated: April 26, 2006.
Receive Reiki energy from over 200 Reiki Masters from 4 of the past URRI Conferences.

Simply scroll this screen up so that all 4 photos are visible.
Then just sit quietly for as long as you like Enjoy!

(Click on pictures for larger image)

URRI 1999 
 Vancouver, Canada,  August 20-22
URRI 2000
Kyoto, Japan,  November 3-5
URRI 2001
Madrid, Spain, November 9-11
URRI 2002
Toronto, Canada, September 27-29

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