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Usui Reiki Ryoho Kokusai (International)

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Last Updated: February 7, 2007
This page is intended to publicize Reiki training that focuses on bringing the original
teachings of Mikao Usui and his students to the rest of the world
URRI is an expression I coined at the end of a 1999 Reiki conference in Vancouver Canda.  It stands for Usui Reiki Ryoho International and was named for the URR Gakkai (learning society) formed around the time of Usui Sensei's passing in 1926. The Vancouver conference led to 4 more annual conferences, each in a different local - Kyoto, Madrid, Toronto and Silkeborg.

The URRI conferences began as a desire by 4 Reiki Masters from different countries to meet in person and share ideas.  in July 1998, Andrew Bowling of the UK and Tom Rigler of the USA independently were exchanging emails with Yukio Miura of Japan and myself (Rick Rivard) of Canada.   At the same time, Tom and Andy introduced me to Yukio and the 4 of us began a round-robin of sharing Reiki information and distant attunements.  What was of greatest interest to us was Yukio's information about a Japanese Reiki Master name Hiroshi Doi who was also a Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai member. 

Yukio translated some of Mr. Doi's book for us (click here) and began acting as a go between for us and Mr. Doi.  He decided to take Shinpiden and Gokuikaiden (highest level) training with Doi and this gave us more insight.  At the time I was a Tera-Mai Reiki master and I shared these attunements with Yukio, via the distant process.  Through Yukio, I offered them to Mr. Doi who accepted, provided I would also send them to his friend Mr. Tanaka, a healer who used over 30 different energies in his work. In September 1998 I made the exchange with them using distant attunements and in return received distant Gendai Reiju and an attunement to the 4th symbol energy from Doi, as well as a connection to a special healing energy from Mr. Tanaka.  They both reacted very favourably to the exchange and I enjoyed their transmissions as well.  My experience with Mr. Doi prompted Tom and Andy to make similar offerings and we began to build a very good relationship with Mr. Doi. 

In the early spring of 1999 I put forward the idea to my friends that perhaps we could interest Mr. Doi top come to Vancouver and present some of his teachings to a group of international Reiki Masters.  Everyone thought this was a great idea and the concept of URRI conferences began. 

The following links explain my view of each of the conferences that were held. 

Past URRI Workshops

Over 200 Reiki Masters sending Reiki to you from this page
(Click on pictures for larger image)
URRI 1999 
 Vancouver, Canada
August 20-22
Photos - 1999 URR Workshop
URRI 2000
Kyoto, Japan
November 3-5


URRI 2001
Madrid, Spain
November 9-11

URRI 2002
Toronto, Canada
September 27-29

URRI 2003 - Denmark 
Silkeborg, Denmark
September 19-21

URRI 2002 Presenters
Cathy Anderson / Doi-san / Laurie Anne King / Hyakuten-san / Tom Rigler / Dave King / 
Rick Rivard / Cameron Küntz / Emiko Arai-san

 Would you like to experience some of the flavour of URRI?
Why not enroll in the distant Gendai Reiki Master class with Richard Rivard - get all of Doi-sensei's training plus a bonus of the Reiju Workshop and the URRI workshop. Includes manuals, video and other bonuses 
- all for a fraction of the cost of attending URRI  -

Schools focusing on Usui Sensei's original teachings

Usui-Do Eidan offering the spiritual teachings of Usui in the original dojo format as passed down by his student Tenon-In. 

Threshold Resources - Canada and International; (will travel) and Internet training - offering teachings of the late Sensei Kimiko Koyama (former Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai head) - as learned from Mr. Hiroshi Doi;  of Hayahsi student Chyoko Yamagauchi - as learned from Rev. Hyaktuen Inamato;  and information shared by the Usui-Do Eidan (from Usui, Eguchi and Hayashi students) and other sources connected to original Usui teachings.. 

Tom Rigler - USA  and International (will travel) - offering original teachings of the late Sensei Kimiko Koyama (former Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai head) - as learned from Mr. Hiroshi Doi. ; Also SKHM classes and Karuna Reiki.

Gendai Reiki-ho - This is Mr. Hiroshi Doi's school in Ashiya City, Japan (near Osaka)  Doi-sensei is a member of Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai

Komyo Reiki - This is Reverand Hyakuten Inamoto's school of Reiki in Kyoto, Japan.  Inamoto-sensei was taught Reiki by Mrs. Yamaguchi, a student of Dr. Hayashi. 

Click Here for a list of some Gendai Reiki Masters - Worldwide

Click Here for a list of some Komyo Reiki Masters - Worldwide

If you have comments or suggestions, contact me.  I will try to answer them all.

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