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Chiyoko Yamaguchi Classes in Japan

    2 Recent Books I am reading  --  by Bruce Lipton and Joe Dispenza.
These books are good examples of how modern science is discovering how alternative healing methods
and New Age ideas occur within the body, thus disproving some very old medical and scientific beliefs.


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In Memorium:  Yamaguchi-sensei passed away, August 20, 2003

Yamaguchi-sensei speaking at URRI 2000, Kyoto

Mrs. Chiyoko Yamaguchi was a Shoden and Okuden student of Dr. Hayashi, 1938-40
She received Shinpiden and Shihan from her uncle, Wasaburo Sugano, also a Hayashi student

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Note: the fees have increased since this handout was given in 2000 - see the Jikiden web site

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