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Alternative Healing Energies

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Last Updated: January 30, 2012

These are other healing and enlightening energies available now that can be easily acquired and used, just like Reiki.  These energies are usually passed on by the teacher to the student via an attunement ceremony. 
Another way to access higher forms of energy is to invite in your Higher Spirit Guides and ask them bring in the energy for you.  As these beings are nothing but Light and Love, they can act as Gatekeepers for you, ensuring that only beneficial energy comes to you.  If you already channel Higher Spirit, you can already do this.
Here are some energies I've experimented with, and others I've read about. 

(If you are aware of any others, please tell me about them, or point me to their web page.)

Lotusheart Healing Lotusheart is the heart of the Lotus that opens inside the heart chakra. 

Tom Rigler is a Spiritual teacher and Healer on a journey of the soul, a path that has spanned over 30 years, seeking and loving God, a teacher who is as funny as he is serious. Serious about his Spiritual path and for his Students, fun to share that path with.

Tom has traveled the world teaching, sharing, healing and working with others to open their hearts to God and to heal.  Therefore, it is no surprise that Tom is the founder of a system of healing known as Lotusheart, equally, a profound discovery, a culmination of a life's work, born of a passionate heart. 

Seichim, Seichem,, SKHM, SSR 

Patrick Zeigler founded the Seichim system of healing based on his expereinces in Egypt and othre training.  The system has expanded to other versions includingh is new SKHM, Seichem, Isis Seichim, and Diane Shewmaker's SSR 

I was giftd with a few versions of these from my good friend Tom Rigler, and another master.  I now offer a Sekhem-Seichim-Reiki (SSR) class.

Crystal Healing
(The Crystal Tiger)
Several students I have taught offer classes in healing using crystals, including Tom Rigler and Karen Ryan. Many of us feel a calling to work with crystals and while they easily blend in with all the ehealing systems on this page, they can also be used just by themselves.

Magnified Healing 

This energy was received by Kathryn Anderson in 1983 from the Ascended Masters. In 1992, Kwan Yin presented Kathryn and her friend Gisèle King, with a method to transfer the ability to connect to this energy this energy to others. 

Magnified Healing is different from Reiki in that rather than channeling the energy, you actually become the energy. 


"Urevia is an old energy resurfacing during this time of new awakenings and is another healing energy similar to Reiki. It is from the same love source but it is a different and higher frequency. 

"There are many healing energies becoming active on Earth at this time to help us heal each other and ourselves. We can handle higher vibrations again, (like we did in the Atlantian times), and Urevia is just "one" of many healing energies and techniques that we are tapping into."


This is an energy received by a Hungarian Reiki Master, Karoly Fodor.  Arollo is used to get to the cause of an illness - Gabor Fejes can give you detailed information on this system. 


"...a telepathic energy technique which communicates directly with the central processing area of the patients brain to assist in identification and repair or heal affected areas this way the brain learns by cross association with the memory pattern that caused the problem in the first place thus educating the brain." 

Mystical Qi Qong

A recently introduced version of Qiqong healing that involves storing and transmitting "qi". The process is initialised by an initiation given by the master, which allows the sutdent to connect to the "qi".

Healing Yourself 
With Light 

Healing Yourself With LightA technique to connect with highly evolved Angels of healing, and combine their skills with your own Solar Angel and healer within.  Excellent visual meditations are provided to make the process a very simply one.

The Melchisedek Method

"The basis of the techniques presented is activating the Hologram of Love Merkaba rotating lightfield (your Light Body -- RR) awakening your spherical consciousness. This raises one's quotient of light vibration within the human atomic cell structure. Once activated, the healing capabilities of a practitioner are enhanced a hundred fold. The heart awakens and opens more to unconditional love during healing sessions and continues during your normal life. " 

Drisana Energy System

This system "provide(s) a very powerful set of Spiritual tools in a compact easy to use format . All of the tools and techniques in Drisana are available from other sources but they are very easy to acsess with this system and taking the classes from a certified teacher can be a real boost to spiritual progress."

Unified Chakra

Not a healing technique, this is a simple meditation, and can be a great way to increase your ability to hold energy.  The process helps to combine or overlap your chakras, and then your energy bodies.  The result is that energy will now spread out through your entire system (instead of localizing) and you will be able to hold more. In my experience, the beginning of this process was quite startling, and fortunately was witnessed by friends (including a clairvoyent).  It began with a column of Light in the heart centre that grew in all dimensions for several days.

Also, see the Unified Field Meditation

If you have comments or suggestions, contact me.  I will try to answer them all.