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  Meditation - Bridge of Light to Trust

Bridge of Light by LaUna Huffines - CLICK HERE TO ORDER
(Source of idea: "Bridge of Light" by LaUna Huffines)

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Last Updated: January 2, 2015      If you've been here before you can Skip to your Temple of Light 

Note: if you would like to use this meditation for a quality other than Trust, simply replace the word Trust with the quality you wish. (e.g. Love, Hope, Co-operation, Fulfilment, Abundance, Courage, Truth, etc.)
Note: this is a channeled meditation by Richard and includes additional harmony and love to assist your journey.

Welcome.  This is a Reading Meditation. In many aspects of metaphysical work, often we have challenges in the area of Trust; Trusting ourselves, our achievements, our guides, our spiritual path, etc. For those that are new to the path of conscious channelling, this seems to be one of the greatest obstacles. 

This is a channelled journey that you can repeat as often as you wish, on your own, or by simply reading these lines.  The journey's intent is to assist you with the quality of Trust, but you can modify it to include any quality you wish to achieve a better connection to - Love, Courage, Peace, Truth, etc.  The meditation can also be used to work out situations with others before you actually interact with them in the physical realm. You need only build the Bridge of Light to the quality(s) in concern, and invite the other person(s) onto your bridge. 

With that introduction, let us begin. 

Sit quietly, either in front of your computer terminal, or in a favourite meditation spot, preferably in a non-distracting environment.  You may read from this meditation, from your computer, from a printout, or just repeat it from memory; either way is fine as we will be present to assist you personally each time you do this.  Simply ask for Richard's guides and/or your own personal guides to be present. 

Now close your eyes, or allow them to simply relax, to soften.  Do whatever you do to become relaxed.  Perhaps you simply think of an area in your body where there is tension, then breath in relaxing energy (deeply) into that area, hold this for a moment, and then exhale all the tension from that area.  Perhaps you work from your feet upwards, thinking of each part of your body, and calming and relaxing them as you focus on them.  You may simply call on your Reiki energy.  Whatever you enjoy most, do this now.

Continue, when you are ready.

Now think of that part of you that enjoys travelling while you sleep or daydream; that part you call your astral or spirit body.  Imagine it focused around your heart centre.  Imagine that is preparing for a journey, a journey to a beautiful, peaceful mountain meadow, perhaps like one you have visited (in person or in dreams) or seen before on your television, or in a magazine, or have read about. This meadow is at the base of a very large mountain, and when you travel there, you will find yourself in the middle of the meadow, facing away from the mountain, and lying on your back, eyes closed - it will be a warm sunny day, and you will be quite safe and secure.

And now, you allow your astral body to float out of your body; and away it travels, almost instantly, to your mountain meadow.  You know your body is safe and secure where you have left it.  And suddenly, you know you are there, lying face up, eyes closed, in the meadow.

You keep your eyes closed, and begin to smell the scents floating around you - the wildflowers, the grass, what's left of the morning dew, the pine trees at the edge of the meadow.  You know you are at the base of the mountain, facing away from the mountain. 

And slowly, you imagine that you are opening your astral eyes, and you see the cloudless sky above you; well perhaps there are one or two small clouds floating by (it is your meditation, after all <smile>).  You decide to sit up, still facing away from the mountain.  You notice the tall grass you are lying in, the wildflowers surrounding you in the meadow, and the trees at the edge of the meadow.  The meadow is completely in the sunshine, and it is comfortable and warm here; very peaceful and quiet, except for the sound of the breeze in the grass and the trees, and perhaps a bird calling.

You know that behind you, up on the mountain, somewhere near the top, is your own special place for spiritual work; your Temple of Light.  It is near the top, or perhaps at the top; also in a clearing, and it will be partially visible to you from the meadow.  So you slowly turn around and look on this majestic mountain; and yes, somewhere up near the top, you see that the sunlight is reflecting off a pane of glass or crystal; your temple of Light.

-- (continuation)

So you decide that you will go there, perhaps by climbing the path up the mountain, or by flying up to the Temple, or perhaps just by willing yourself there; whichever way you enjoy most.  And so you go to your Temple of Light. And even if you have decided to climb, somehow time has shifted, and it is as though you are there instantly.

You arrive in the clearing outside your Temple and it looks just like you thought it would. It may be all made of crystal, or it may be a log cabin but with crystal skylights; whatever you wish, this is your temple, and it will be in your taste and your design.  You walk around the Temple and soon find the doorway.  Only you can pass through this doorway, whether a door is there or not.

Now you enter your temple and you are aware, or you remember that your temple has many rooms in it, more so than are apparent from the outside - well after all, it is multi-dimensional <smile>.  But for now, you wish to go to the room where you enjoy doing your spiritual meditations.  And as you walk into this room, you notice that is has a special place for you to sit and meditate - perhaps a set of cushions in the middle, or a comfortable chair or recliner.  Again, it is that of your own choosing.

You sit down in your favourite meditation spot, and prepare to do your spiritual work.

And today, in your Temple of Light, we will build a Bridge of Light, a marvellous Bridge that will connect you to the ultimate in Trust in the Universe.  To prepare for this, you think of your heart centre, ............... and then you think of your etheric heart centre - just a little bit out from your heart centre.  Then you imagine what the ultimate of Trust in the Universe looks like - perhaps a huge cloud of energy, the size of a galaxy; perhaps a beautiful crystal palace.  Whatever it feels like to you is most valid.

Now you call the most beautiful white Light in the Universe to yourself, or perhaps the Solar Light (the Light your Soul receives on it's plane).  This Light comes to you immediately, and fills you.  From your etheric heart centre, you imagine a thin stream of the brilliant white Light flowing out of you, across the Universe, and immediately connects with the ultimate of Trust in the Universe.  It quickly anchors itself there, and the stream of Light begins to grow sideways, wider and wider, and also thicker, and thicker.

You send out another stream of Light to Trust and it too anchors itself, and begins to grow, and even connecting to the previous stream, and together they spread wider and wider.

You continue to send strand after strand of Light, at your own comfortable pace, and soon your interconnecting strands are forming a beautiful Bridge of Light between your heart centre and the ultimate of Trust.  Your bridge may be of whatever design you choose, and even have some comfortable benches at it's centre. 

Soon, you sense that your Bridge is complete.

Now you anchor your end of the Bridge into one of your many rooms in your temple. This will be your room of Trust, and you will not need to rebuild this particular Bridge again.  With your Bridge firmly and permanently anchored, you step out onto it, feeling safe and secure, and walk towards the middle of the Bridge. 

Since this is your meditation, you can instantly be at the centre of the Bridge, or you can take your time, enjoying the artefacts you have included with your Bridge - perhaps lamp posts, railings, sculptures. As you do, you notice that the Bridge is surrounded in the Blue Light of Trust.  You feel this Light, this Energy, begin to penetrate your being.

Eventually, you reach the middle of the Bridge and you find a comfortable place to sit.  Rather than be alone on your Bridge of Trust, you wish to share this with someone special, and you call to you your Higher Self, to come and meet you on your Bridge.  Almost immediately you notice your Higher Self approaching along the Bridge.  Soon you are face to face, and perhaps you embrace your Higher Self.  You may sit with your Higher Self and even ask some questions or simply talk.

But you are here to meet someone else and your Higher Self knows this. So after a time your Higher Self moves off to sit on a bench nearby, to sit and observe your next meeting, and to be close for any support you feel you may need.

Now, you call to you the person or being you wish to meet. If this is your meditation to prepare yourself for Opening to Channel, then call to yourself an aspect of the Highest Guide that you will later connect with in your channelling exercise. Your purpose is to establish a bond of Trust between the two of you, and by simply meeting the person/being on your Bridge of Light to Trust, will indeed create that bond. 

When you meet the person or guide that you have called to you, you need only sit with them and together bathe in the Light of Trust that surrounds you.  This will prepare you for whatever connection or meeting you will share when you interact later, either in the physical realm or in meditation. You can enhance the quality of your relationship with this person/being by also allowing the Light or Solar Light you called to you earlier, to flow from your heart centre to this person/being.  You need not feel the Love or compassion in order for it to flow - you are simply recognizing the higher aspect of this person or being, and are communicating in the language of Love that you both share on the higher dimensions.

Now your meeting is complete, and you may simply wish or intend to be back in your Temple of Light, and immediately you are there, by yourself, still safe and secure. Know that you can return here at any time by simply placing either hand on your heart.

And now, with your meditation complete, you return your astral body to your physical body.  You sense the room you are in or your surroundings; you feel the chair beneath you, or what you are sitting on; you take in a deep breath, stretch, yawn, wipe away any tears, smile, grin, and know that you are back in the physical plane completely.

If you wish, you can write down any notes about your journey, and enjoy the memory and wonder of your experiences.

And with that, we leave for now, you with Love and Light.


If you wish, you can do the above journey using your own special place for your personal work instead of the going to the meadow and the Temple of Light.  This can be someplace you have been to before, some place you ahve read about, or maybe someplace you create. 
If you have comments or suggestions, Contact Me.   . I will try to answer them all.

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