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 Shouoh Matsui, a Student of Chujiro Hayashi
translated by Miyuki Iwasaki

(Richard's note - I was given a copy of the original Japanese article in August 1999 by Yukio Miura.  I asked Miyuki-san if she would translate it for her web site.  She completed this in 2001 and originally I linked to her web page.  However, she removed her site and if it has been returned, I can no longer find it. So I am glad I saved a copy of her work.  My thanks to Miyuki-san for her hard work and her sharing. My thanks also to Tom Rigler for correcting the grammar of the original translation.)

Last Updated: September 6, 2005

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"A Treatment to Heal Diseases, Hand Healing" Shouoh Matsui 
(translated into English by Miyuki Iwasaki)

Article from a magazine, "Sunday Mainichi", Mar. 4, 1928 

Reader's Request: I would like to know about the healing method which was introduced in the book presentation in the Mainichi paper (Jan. 30) by Shouoh Matsui. (Korea, Takijiro Inaoka) 

I would like to talk about the healing with pleasure, since this is a reader's request.  The healing method is named "Reiki Ryoho" and some special people practice it. Mikao Usui found, or should I say created?, this Reiki Ryoho, and he passed away about 2 years ago. Currently, Usui's students have a clinic to give healing treatments or teach this Reiki Ryoho. This healing method is so effective that it can heal any disease, however, this is not well-known to people. The reason is that Mikao Usui did not like to advertise it and his students avoided making it public until now. 

But I cannot understand why they do not want to make it public. Christianity has priests to engage in mission work, and Buddhism does also. The word "propaganda" was originally used to spread the truth. If the "truth" makes people happy, it should be a duty of human beings to make the "truth" known. Therefore, I always inform kindly about this Reiki Ryoho when I am asked by others, I write for the paper/magazine if asked. And as such my actions cause opposition. Other Reiki practitioners will recognize me as a heretic. I really think that it is a regrettable matter to avoid informing about such a great healing technique. It is really regrettable for society and in morality, and I always try to announce it with pleasure. 

Especially this time, I was asked by a reader of a big newspaper (Mainichi), so how can I say "No, our Ryoho does not like to advertise"? That will make readers/journalists feel "Reiki could be a trickery, they cannot speak out in public though they say they can heal any disease". Therefore, I advertise Reiki for Reiki itself by telling you the truth. That is why I write for the paper this time and please remember that my actions have nothing to do with other Reiki practitioners. This article is written by me of my own thoughts. I cannot keep silent. To tell you the truth, I feel that I cannot write a scenario of a play at all after knowing Reiki Ryoho. If I advertise Reiki and spread it to realize my ideal, Japan will become a paradise. Not only Japan, but the all countries in the world will become paradise without diseases. Oh, I really want to make it public. 

"Reiki Ryoho" was found over a decade ago, and the number of Reiki clinics is still small. I leaned Reiki from Chujiro Hayashi, who was a Navy Captain, and was a serious, warmhearted person as if he was destined from birth for Reiki work. He gives Reiki treatments to people in the morning, and he teaches Reiki 5 days a month. However, there exists a lot of treatments which have "Rei" in their names. People recognize our Reiki as other "Rei" named treatments all together. And our Reiki practitioners do not want to advertise it still, it cannot be helped that Reiki is not popular at all. 

I have experienced/researched some treatments but Reiki is the best as far as I know. Reiki is the most unique and the most effective, it can really heal any disease. Some have asked "Is Reiki effective on neural diseases?" This healing is not limited only to neural, but to all diseases such as diseases of the  internal organs, hurts, burn, and so on, as you desire. 

Reiki Ryoho is considered a spiritual technique, as the name "Rei" shows, but as for me, I think it is a physical technique, based on my experience of healing more than a hundred people. Some think that Reiki equals the miracle healings which Christ did, but I am not a great person like Christ, and I do not have great character, either. 

Some people watch spiritual aspect of human being and interpret every social phenomena into spiritual matters, but other people consider every social phenomena practically and physically. I am the person belonging to the latter group. I am normal and common person so that I do not have to have spiritual ambitions to heal people physically. At least, my healing technique is NOT supernatural matter at all currently. I consider Reiki as a normal and physiological treatment. 

Let me talk about some examples instead of its theory. 

Recently, a high school teacher in Urawa city took his 4-year-old daughter to my clinic. A person told him about my healing and introduced him to me. The girl was blind in one eye and the other eye was becoming blind, too. The father took her to various doctors, but his daughter's eye was not recovering. Then the father brought her to my clinic. I thought that her trouble was not only in the eyes but other parts as well, and I scanned the whole body. I felt her stomach, nose, and kidneys had trouble, and it appeared in her eyes strongly. I tried my Ryoho 5, 6 times and she was able to see. The father who said he would offer his eyes to his daughter, now started to learn Reiki to heal his daughter. 

The next example was last year, in early December.  A doctor told that the famous painter, Mr. O, was going to die in 3 hours. 2 hours had passed when I got the telephone call from his daughter, at midnight, but 1 hour remained. My wife and I rushed to the suburb of Komazawa, it took 1 hour to get there, and we arrived 3 and a half hours since the doctor’s pronouncement. The family was waiting for us in front of the house and said that he had became unconscious 1 hour before we arrived. We tried to heal his heart, put our hands on the heart, and sent Reiki energy there for 6 hours without drinking a drop of tea. Mr. O was affected by valvular disease of the heart, but after our efforts of 6 hours healing, the doctor announced that "Mr. O had recovered to a safe level". The next evening, his fever returned to a normal state and his pulse became 80 per minute. I can say that a pulse of 120 / minute will be decreased to 80 / minute by a few hours of Reiki healing. It is not so difficult. 

Another example, when Mr. Ino, who was called "god in Onda (name of town)", was going to die, 4 famous doctors came for him. They pronounced his death 4 times, and the last morning, his family took water to moisten the dying man's lips (this is a Japanese custom to attend the deathbed of a family member), but we promised his family that he would recover. Mr. Ino recovered at last, and the doctors left his house. 

I have experienced such miracle cases many times. However, those are not miracles at all, we just gave patients healing treatments physiologically. 

Now I am explaining how I heal diseases. I just put my hands on the affected part. I do not push, I do not pat, either. I think this is the interesting point of this healing technique. I scan the whole body of the patient, feel the source of disease, give healing to that part, and the healing effect is big and quick. Well then, how I can find the source of disease is that I feel pain when I put my hands at the source point. The strength of pain differs depending on diseases, but I am not sure of the relation between the strength of the pain and the state of the disease. And my hands feel pain not only at the part that patients tell me, but also at the area of the source of disease, and I can find the healing point easily. In most cases, doctors know the affected part because patients tell them where and how they feel affected, but I do not need any information from patients. Patients can be suspicious about my healing. Anyway, the big change will occur at the affected part in 30 minutes - 2 hours. 

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