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Light Technique for Healing and Energy Work

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Last Updated: August 18, 2011
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This page is one of a series where I give my ideas on aspects of Reiki and/or energy work.  The pages are intended to give some "food for thought" and some are only my viewpoint.  While a number of facts may be included, you should decide for yourself how much (if any) of the content feels right to you.

You may have read about the idea of calling Light to yourself and then sending it to another person or a situation. 

Sending Light from your heart adds the quality of Love to the transmission, and surrounds the person with the essence of your Higher Self's compassion and Love.  Even if you dislike the person, at a higher level of our being we are all connected but simply playing out roles on the earth plane.   

To work with Light, just imagine the highest, most beautiful Light you can think of and call it to you.  As soon as you do, this Light fills you and your aura completely, just like turning on a bright light fills a dark room.  You might instead call to you what is called the Solar Light, the Light of the Soul plane. 
Some people like to work with the Light of an even higher plane, what might be called Spiritual Light or the Light of the Great Central Sun. 

You can also use other healing or spiritual energies like Reiki, replacing the Light or even combining them with it.

The technique I borrowed and then added to, allows you to influence your Higher Self and that of the other person such that you can release any negative attachment (via emotions) you have towards the person, or improve any relations you have and treasure with another.

This is a very simple yet powerful technique that I and others have had much success with.  It helps you to rise above the negative feelings we have for others, or to improve and balance any good emotions towards a loved one. The method actually allows you to release these unhealthy and unbalanced emotions, thus healing yourself and letting go of any negative connections to people or events in your life, past or present. 

I have found this technique to be very useful and very powerful. You can actually learn to do this technique in just a few second.  

Using Light to Release Emotions or to Heal a Relationship

  • Call the Light to you(Just imagine the most beautiful, brilliant Light possible for you to receive, coming from the Highest Spiritual Source, or ask for Solar Light, the Light that our Soul receives on the Soul Plane.)
  • The Light comes to you instantaneously and fills you completely, just like when you turn on a light switch in your room and light instantly fills the room.
  • Now, imagine yourself as clear as a pure quartz crystal, or a clear glass of water. (Sometimes I may be sending Light to someone I am extremely angry with (I may not feel like sitting down and sending Reiki to such a person). In this case, I usually can't see myself clear as a crystal, so I just tell myself that I am clear. This seems to work quite well.)
  • Think of the person or situation you feel unhappy or negatively towards.  Or, think of  someone you care a lot for, or someone you feel needs some healing.  (You can also do this for an event in your life).
  • Next,  think of the emotions you feel for this person (whether good or bad) and use them as a fuel to propel your Light.  However, use healing intention with this, so any negative emotion shifts to healing energy. (Just thinking this way will shift the energy of these emotions.)
  • Then, send a strong shot of all the Light to the target person, in one powerful moment, always from your heart centre, using the shifted emotions as fuel to propel it.

  • Then just let all thoughts around this go or release
Check Your Emotions
  •  Now, think of how you feel about this person or situation.  Ideally, you should have a kind of neutral feeling.  If there still seems to be something unpleasant or negative there, then go back and do the technique again.  (Sometimes I find myself doing it 4 or 5 times to get to this neutral state, or a state of non-feeling.)
Filling in the Void
  • This is something you can add to this method once you find that in the current moment you have at least reached a sort of neutral state.  Think of a very happy, joyful moment in your life and hold onto that thought for a while, until it seems to fill in the void left by the other expressed emotions.
Each time you happen to think of this person or event, do this Light Technique.  Note that each time should only take me a few seconds.

The Results of this Technique

Here are the most common results of this exercise.

  1. Sending from your Heart centre causes your Higher Self to transmit the Love and compassion your Higher Self feels for the Higher Self of the target person, even if you consciously dislike them, because we are all connected at that higher level.
  3. By using your emotions (with healing intention) as the fuel for the Light, you get to finally release these all in one moment - a very powerful healing experience for you.
  5. The receiver of this is then surrounded with all this Light and the shifted healing  emotional energy, and this may be used by his or her Higher Self to assist them in healing.  But you do not have to be concerned with this.  Your interest is in healing and balancing yourself.
  7. In many cases, the receiver may actually begin to change his or her attitude towards you.  But don't be too concerned about this.  If it happens, as in a friend or co-worker, then it may be very welcome.  Just intend on finally releasing or balancing these emotions.
  9. Your benefits are the release of this pent up emotion (finally) and eventually as you do this technique each time you think of the person, you will find you are no longer so affected or disturbed by them. You are finally in a balanced state towards them.  And you will succeed in releasing any negative or blocked energies you have in your aura around this person or situation.  This is greatly towards your benefit.
  11. If the target person is someone you care for, or someone in need of healing, then you will have balanced and improved your connection with them, and again they will be surrounded with all that Light and shifted healing emotional energy.  And of course their disposition towards you may improve as well.


I had suggested to my children when they were young that in similar situations, they might want to imagine laser shots of Light, or firing photon torpedoes of Light (like in Star Trek) going to the person they are having difficulty with. My kids even learned to send Light to me when I was angry with them.   It definitely had a positive effect.

The more I used this technique, the quicker it seemed to work. I soon noticed that I feel much better about the person (or at least more tolerant), and often the person's attitude towards me can change dramatically.

Others Ways to Use Light

  • shower friends and co-workers with Rainbow Light whenever you see them;

  • imagine dropping buckets of Light on people as they come through your doorway at home or the office;

  • fill an entire room with Light or Rainbow Light;

  • send Light ahead of time to any meetings or gatherings (and the people in them) you will be attending.

  • send Light to someone (or a situation) you are having difficulty with whenever you think of them - then forget about it;

  • send Light to your loved ones each time you think of them - this takes only seconds to do. I imagine the Light I send to my wife and kids branching off to their co-workers, classmates, teachers, building, etc.

  • if you feel negative energy coming towards you - either directly from someone unknown, or from the thoughts and feelings of those around you - you can use this technique to send Light back to the source of these energies.
Use your imagination and try this technique for a week. You won't be disappointed.

A Very Powerful, Yet Easy, Version of Using Light

For some time now I have been using this variation of working with Light.  I initially began by using this idea for my home and my family.   Since there had been some break-ins and damage in the neighbourhood, I decided to try to set up a sort of protection for our house and yard, as well as our car out front. 

I began by calling Light to me and then from my heart sending it above our house to create a permanent ball of radiating Light.  I intended that the Light continue to shine down on the property, filling the area with a sort of protection from harm, with Love, harmony and understanding, and probably a few other traits.   

Each time I thought of the ball, I added more Light and other healing energies into it.  I began to imagine the ball slowly floating higher each time, covering more and more of the space to either side of the house as well.  So gradually, the neighbours' houses were included, and well into the street and the back lane. 

Then I just kind of forgot about it, except to add more Light and energies into it from time to time.   Some time later, one of my students came to visit.  We lived near the end of our block, down the hill from the main street and the bus stop.  When my student came to my door he commented that he noticed I had added an addition to the house.  I laughed and asked what he meant.  He said when he rounded the corner, he immediately felt he was walking into a huge field of Light.  He could tell it was centered above our house. 

This got me thinking and so I began to place Balls of Light above other places around the city.  Usually these were places I would visit a lot - local shopping malls or stores, parks and beaches, the children's schools, the houses or apartments of relatives or students, etc. 

Affecting Local Water Sources

After learning of Masaru Emoto's project on "Messages From Water",  and how emotions directed towards water can affect the molecular structure of the water.  I decided to try placing balls of Light within the huge drinking water sources in the Vancouver area.  I don't know if this has had any effect on our drinking water, but I encourage others to support this or to try this idea in their own area as well.  Perhaps we can improve the healing effects of water on the local population this way - after all, I know of energy healers who have always placed their healing energy in bottles of water for their clients to take home.  Maybe we can even positively affect the attitudes of large populations this way.

Each time I would go to the beach area on the West side of Vancouver, I also began to place balls of Light into various areas of the bay.   I felt that if the Light balls above the nearby forest might be good for the trees and animals, perhaps Light sources in the water might be helpful for the marine life in the area.

In the summer of 2010, while staying on my sister-in-law's farm, I was curious as to the sources of water deep within the ground that the local farms and municipalities were using. I was surprised to discover there were many independent sources.  Once again I felt the urge to place balls of Light within each of these.

Working With Nature Devas

In 2008 
I read Christan Hummel's book "Do-It-Yourself Space Clearing Kit" and found the energy concepts a good addition to what I was already using.  The following year, based on other's comments to the book, I had the impulse to channel our property Deva and thus opened up a whole new world of energy work.  I involved the Deva's work into the Light ball above our house and offered to allow the nature being to call through me and downstep any other energies it could use for the well being of the property.  This got me involved with more and more of these nature beings, especially as I became inspired with the success of others in this kind of idea, such as  Christan's article titled "Working With Devas to Heal Geopathic Stress", the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland and the Perelandra projects.

There really is no end to how you can use higher vibrations like Light.  Let your imagination and your intuition be your guide.


Origin of My Light Technique Ideas

Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self by Sanaya Roman  (Source: “Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self"
 by Sanaya Roman -- Note: This is the exact text.)

The following is a quote from the book:

Light is a powerful source of healing. 
If there is any place of discomfort in your body, 
send it light. 

You can call upon light to heal your body. Take a moment to get quiet and tune into your body. Is there any place of discomfort? Focus on that place, and get a clear image of the pain. How large or deep is it? Now think of light, and call it to you. Put light around the area of discomfort. As you do, ask that part of your body if there is anything else you can do that would assist it in letting go of this pain or discomfort.

The more radiant you become, the more you will be able to assist others in their growth simply by your increased light. You can also assist them by sending light to them. As you do this, you increase your own radiance even more. 

To heal others with light start by drawing in as much light as you can imagine and putting it all around you. Then imagine yourself as clear as a crystal, so that you are a pure transmitter of light. Send the other person an image of light. Imagine light going out from your hands, your heart, or the top of your head as if you are sending a stream of light from you to him or her. That is all that is necessary; your Higher Self will handle all the details. You need only to have the intent to send healing energy as you transmit light and you will. 

A friend of Sanaya's called from a hospital to say that another friend had been in an accident and was critically injured. She wanted our assistance for the friend. I (Orin) instructed Sanaya to call light to herself, surround and charge herself with light, and when she felt full of light to send it in one strong burst to the woman in the hospital. Several other people were with Sanaya, and they were asked to do the same thing. The friend in the hospital would be able to use this light for whatever purpose served her higher good: either to get well or to die peacefully and go to the light. Everyone got quiet and sent a burst of light. The friend called back ten minutes later to report that almost immediately the woman's vital signs had changed for the better, and she was no longer hanging between life and death. 

If anyone you know is in pain - emotional, mental, or physical - you can assist by sending light every time you think of him or her. Thoughts of others often come into your mind because at a deep level they are asking for your love and light.

The light you send to others 
will come back to you multiplied. 

Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer can be reached at: LuminEssence Productions

If you have comments or suggestions, CONTACT ME  I will try to answer them all.

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