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My Personal Symbols
by Richard Rivard

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Last Updated: April 27, 2005
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Symbols and/or their mantras/names are a common form of connecting to energy.  They usually act as a focus for the person who wishes to activate the relative energy from within. Some people however, like Duane Packer and Sanaya Roman (www.orindaben.com) are given energies without symbols, even without names. But symbols still seem to be the primary way to connect with many energies

Most Reiki teachers will tell you that many students like to share their own personal symbols in class.  As you probably know, symbols aren't discovered only by the "spiritually enlightened".  Many people get visualizations or dreams where they are shown symbols and even the energy they connect with. In most cases these are intended for the receiver, but they can also be shared with others.

What is interesting is that often other people will get a different feel and/or use for the energy of your symbols than you do.  This doesn't invalidate what you or they experience; it is simply the unique way in which each of us approaches our reality.  Even in our daily life, we often find uses for objects that weren't initially intended for by the inventor.  There is a funny Canadian TV show called "The Red Green Show" in which Red finds all kinds of uses for duct tape. <grin>

Another interesting fact is that other people may be given versions of symbols close to yours.  Usually though, there may be slight differences, and these usually indicate that the symbol has a different use or purpose for the individual that received it.  The fact that the symbol is similar may indicate previous use in another lifetime, or just the way we tap into each other's reality before we meet.  This type of coincidence is most likely indicating something to take note of concerning what the other person is about, or has to offer.

To give you some idea as to how people can experience their own symbols, below are two examples I experienced while in a waking state.  Note: these are not Reiki symbols, as there really are only 4 original symbols associated with Reiki.  All others like those in Tera-Mai and Karuna Reiki are simply personal symbols added in. 


this Sea Breeze graphic by C.J.van der Mark jr.
(Click on image for full size)

Sea Breeze

Sea BreezeSea Breeze is the first energy my Guide Cypress shared with me. This was in January in 1995 in a healing experience with my friend Don Barnett. .  However when I asked her to work her energy through me it was far too powerful at the time (that is, I could not hold this).  So a few months later she presented me with a focus to tap into part of the energy - she gave me a symbol for it.  It was like getting the tip of an iceberg. 

I received this symbol during an “Opening to Channel” class with Carla Anderson on April 29, 1995. While practicing channeling energy from my guide into the room, I also added Reiki energy. After I had projected some Reiki symbols into the room, I was compelled to draw back-to-back letter a’s. 

The energy from this symbol seemed to be soft, calming and able to release tension. In May 1995, while teaching a Reiki Master's class, I attuned clairvoyant J. Stuart to this symbol then asked her to attune me to it. In the process, not only did the energy from the symbol increase, but my guide, Cypress, privately told me it was a gift from her to me, and that I should pass it on to others. 

In a Reiki Two class in September, 1995, I began channeling Cypress while the class was performing group Reiki on a student. She told us that this symbol could be used to attract the highest potential to an individual in this lifetime.

4 years later in 1999 while attending another person's healing  class I received the complete energy suddenly and it flowed as strongly as I had first experienced it, only this time I could handle it.   It was ice cold yet I was getting this on a hot summer day while working with a fellow student.  I had my hands about a foot away from my partner on either side yet she too was shivering from the cold.  I ask her if I should stop, and she said "NO, but it is very cold." 

I discovered that in healing Qi Gong, typically hot chi may be used for energy work but for deeper healing the advanced healers are taught to run cold chi. This moves deeper energy blocks out of the way so the hot chi can get in.  So this might be an example of the highest potential in a healing situation. 

However, you may find that it has a different use for you.

Sea Breeze is now a part of the Threshold Reiki energy I share. 

I encourage you to experiment and find out if it is effective for you. As I mentioned before, this is not a Reiki symbol.  As with most symbols, it may be more powerful if you are attuned or initiated to it.  Ask your Reiki teacher if they know of a way to do this (a method is taught in Threshold Reiki Master class).

How To Draw It
How to draw Sea Breeze

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this Ankh graphic by C.J.van der Mark jr.
(Click on image for full size)


Ankh During a Reiki Three class on September 24, 1995, while taking part in a group treatment on one of my students, I began playing with energies by channeling other elemental rays. I had done this before and I was practicing increasing the strength of each ray.

In the process I asked my guides to bring through the highest energy that was appropriate for each of us present. I then experienced multiple bands of energy in different shades of gold, flowing through me and out to the class. Two clairvoyant students noticed and felt these multiple bands of gold at the same time. In my mind, next to the golden flows of energy I saw a mold being filled in with liquid gold in the shape of this symbol, flowing from the bottom to the top, and then the line across.

Everyone experienced a heightened energy. Shortly after this class, my guides showed me how I could use this symbol along with “Sea Breeze” in an attunement process. 

Friends and other Reiki Masters have reported some very powerful sensations and energy after receiving this symbol and when using it. One Reiki Master feels that it is an Ascension symbol and part of a larger family of symbols I will receive, and that it is "grounded" by using it with Sea Breeze.  Try it and see how it works for you. If you require a name for it, the word “Ankh” came to me while I was still "connected" to my guides.

Ankh is also an integral part of the Threshold Reiki energy.  Several years after I experienced this I was amazed how much of it's energy came into me and integrated one day in late 1999.  Then a few years later the true purpose of this energy was made evident to me when I discovered that everyone could attain their own highest energy, much like Usui Sensei.  I wrote a web page on this called Reiki and Your Highest Ki to describe how this came about and how I present this in my classes. 

Again, these are not Reiki symbols, and like many others, do not require an attunement to connect to their energy.  However, often an attunement to symbols can improve the connection to the energy.  I hope this page has helped you to accept your own experiences more easily.

The 2 pictures were beautifully created from my personal symbols by C.J.van der Mark jr. (web site) or e-mail at cvdmark@xs4all.nl. Cees specializes in 3-D computer artwork.


For an example of how others can channel in symbols, take a look at my friend Jeff Johnson's Auminaht. We found this to be a wonderful enhancement to my 2 symbols.

If you have comments or suggestions, CONTACT ME.  . I will try to answer them all.

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