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Welcome to my resource page for interacting with the Beings of the Higher Planes of Light.  I'm not talking about connecting to nasty spirit beings on the lower astral planes, or your long deceased great uncle. I'm referring to connecting with and interacting with great Beings of Light and Love who are very interested in supporting our spiritual growth. 

At the lowest level of these Beings stands your Higher Self - that part of you that oversees your complete lifetime.  This is the part of you that often helps you out in a tight spot, or directs the assistance of your angels or other close spirit guides or counselors.  At the very least, connecting with your Higher Self can bring more clarity into your spiritual and lifetime goals, your life work. 

From there, it is possible to reach the overseer of all your lifetimes, your Soul, or to reach the Master of your family of Souls, that which is called your Monad.  (moe - nadd).  With the techniques presented by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer's guides, Orin and DaBen, you can even reach beyond to much higher beings of Light and Love who are very curious of our plane of existence, and who are very willing to extend a part of themselves to us in order that they may learn and we may grow. 

As you browse book stores and the internet, you will find many authors who are channeling higher beings, and bringing their messages of Love, Peace, Compassion and Understanding, as well as useful ways to help you grow through these changing times. Beyond reading these wonderful messages, you can also take the leap yourself and begin to channel your own information and higher vibrations of energy.  Doing so, will increase the amount of energy you can hold, assist you in flowing through the changes and challenges in your life, and above all, give you access to a constant Loving and Caring companion, not from this plane of reality. 

One way to begin to explore this is to follow the meditation - Building a Bridge of Light to Trust

This, along with the book Opening to Channel, can assist you in first making the connection, and then second, helping to guide you in the process of undersanding and utilizing your new ability. 

If you are interested in learning channeling, the style that I teach is known as Conscious Channeling, a process whereby the channeler remains aware of what is happening while he or she interacts with the Spirit Guide.  It goes a bit further in that the channeler learns to "blend" with the guide, thus increasing the efficiency of the channeling and enhancing the experience of the channeler.  Thus, the entire process leads towards an increase in personal development, leading towards your own life work and life path. For sample details of the class, see my Class Page and my Support Page.

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