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What is Threshold Reiki?

Last Updated:  August 6, 2020
  Due to the pandemic I am no longer teaching in person classes.

Please visit this page for information on how I teach a Distant Class.

Threshold  Reiki Master Class

Includes a Complete Illustrated Manual, Videos of all Attunements, 
Additional Training Support Material, Bonus book by URR Gakkai Shihan, Fumio Ogawa, 
Access to Threshold Reiki Class Materials for All Levels, Ongoing After-Class Support. 
* Bonus - Threshold Reiju Workshop included, along with original URR Gakkai Reiju
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What is Threshold Reiki?

I feel Reiki is just one step along an individual's path of spiritual growth.  There are many choices of Reiki, not to mention an almost infinite number of life paths available. I feel each person needs to find their own unique path, but they may wish to solicit assistance along the way. Finding the "right" technique (Reiki or otherwise) and the "right" teacher at each step is just a part of the ongoing challenge we face as we proceed along this journey.

Richard Rivard teaching at URRI 2000 in Kyoto

Threshold Reiki can be thought of as an ascension oriented Reiki system.  While it is a blend of original Japanese Reiki and Western Reiki styles and concepts, the Threshold Reiki energy is an enhanced Reiki energy intended to assist the student along their higher spiritual path, while at the same time giving them a greater range of Reiki energy for their healing work.

Since my Reiki training has been with a number of Western and Eastern styles, I try to blend the important aspects of each and share them with my students.  I also add in components from over 30 years of metaphysical experience, assisting the student to his or her own Spiritual ThresholdHowever, I allow them to make the choice as to which path to take after class. 

Attunements in class consist of my own Threshold Reiki energy, a connection to the student's own Highest Ki,  and a combination of some of the Japanese Reiki energies I have received through my own training. For those interested in exploring their abilties to sense enegies, this also allows them an in-class framework from which to grow from.

My immediate focus in each class is to make sure the student understands, and can sense, the Reiki energy they are given a connection to, and that they receive feedback from others.  I let the class flow with the students' needs, and since all material is also given in their class manual, the student can relax and enjoy the process, knowing they can review the material again later at home.  The student also receives access to my Threshold Reiki and Usui Reiki Ryoho (original style) class pages at my web site, so as to keep up to date with any improvements I make to the class. 

In town or visiting students can continue to interact with me in person by re-taking classes, or by simply joining me at a Reiki exchange here in Vancouver.  And all of my students can select on-going distant attunements (just like in the original Reiki society) via the Threshold class pages, or by sending me an email, or simply phoning me. And of course they can contact me at anytime with questions or comments. 

Threshold Reiki 1
Over the course of my Reiki training I have encountered several variations of the Reiki energy, including a few right from Japan.  In Threshold Reiki 1 the student is introduced to my blend of Reiki, (Threshold) as well as to original Japanese Reiki energies. I emphasize that they need only allow Reiki to flow and the right blend will come forth.  The student practices Reiki on themself and another student, learning intuitive and structured ways, choosing which ones work best for them. 

The exercise of receiving a few "flavours" of Reiki assists the student in determining how well they can sense energy.  This sensitivity was actually a requirement in original Usui Reiki in order to advance further in training. I show the student different ways to develop sensitivity, although this is an optional process to work on after class.  The student emerges with the ability and knowledge that Reiki is very easy to flow and work with, and always available at a moment's notice. 

Threshold Reiki 2
The focus of this class is the introduction of 3 additional traditional Taoist energies that Mikao Usui worked with before he encountered his Reiki energy.  The "symbols," as they are referred to in the West, are first introduced to the student in an energy ceremony (called attunement or reiju).  In addition the student receives several energies of Western origin.  I offer background information on these and ways to explore and use them.  The student is encouraged to sample each symbol, discovering how best for themselves to evoke each one, but also to use only the ones that they feel drawn to use.  The Western symbols allow the student to discover the ever shifting, ever growing vastness of the practice of Reiki and energy work.

Threshold Reiki 3
This class introduces the student to a 4th Taoist energy that is part of original Usui Reiki Ryoho. And like the previous level, an additional Western energy/symbol is taught as well.  As I have learned a variety of other techniques I share these as well, allowing the student to decide which ones, if any, are right for them to use.  Since the 4th additional energy also assists in empowering others to Reiki, I share a simple attunement process with the students.  That way they can go home and connect family and friends to the joys of Reiki as well, and Reiki spreads farther, faster. 

Richard Rivard giving attunements at URRI 2000 in Kyoto

Threshold Reiki Master
The Threshold Reiki Master class is intended to prepare the student as a Reiki Master, and also to expose them to Western and Japanese styles of Reiki energy, healing techniques and attunements.  This allows you to better understand the variety of Reiki teaching in the world today, and to help you decide the format you will eventually teach.  After class, Threshold Reiki Masters are allowed to choose the attunements, teachings and methods that best suit them and their students, and thus can teach pure Japanese Reiki, Western Reiki, or a combination of both as I do. 

This class is the teacher or Shihan  level of my Reiki system.  The focus of my Reiki Master class is mainly to ensure that the student leaves class feeling confident in giving an attunement to another person.  To allow for a break and variety during this process, I add in other notes of interest on Reiki history, Western and Japanese techniques, and even access to other sources for healing energy and assistance.  The student eventually learns that attunements are easy, even if different Reiki energies are involved.  Several examples are given. 

The Master -to-Master Lineage of this class is the following:

Furumoto & Ishikuru
Farmer & Robertson

Smith/McCumber & Shilke/Ferguson
Rand & Shelton
Gilberg & Milner

Distant / Internet Classes
All of my Threshold Reiki classes are offered in person or as a distant class and/or via the internet and my student class pages. For more detail on this see my page on Internet / Distant Training.  If a student chooses to study this program at home and not in a live class, then the transmission of the Threshold Reiki energy will be achieved via distant attunements, arranged at a suitable time with me, and performed as if you and I are in the same room, at the same time

Aside from the distant attunement, the rest of the class is the same and may actually involve more detail and interaction than the live class.  I have found that distant students tend to spend more time with the material (this is not possible in a live class) and they ask more questions and share much more feedback. In this way, the distant class tends to be superior to the live class, even when compared to the original classes I took.  Often students find the distant attunements to be more intense as well.

Repeating Classes
Please be aware that just like my live or in-person students, my distant students are most welcome to sit in on any live scheduled class at the levels they have taken with me - at no additional charge - if I am teaching in their area, or if they should visit Vancouver.  My Threshold Reiki Master students may sit in on any of my Threshold classes, whether they have taken them with me or not.  In all cases, I only require that you notify me in advance of your attendance.

More information?
You can find detailed explanations of all my Threshold classes, including my distant training, fees and scheduling at my Threshold Reiki Training pages.  If you need more information feel free to contact me.

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