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What is Gendai Reiki Ho?

Gendai Reiki Ho
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Last Updated: May 28, 2013
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Gendai Reiki Ho is one of the more interesting methods of Reiki in Japan and it is the fastest growing Reiki system there..  It's originator, Mr. Hiroshi Doi (Doi-sensei to his students), u was a member of the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai (the original Reiki society) in Japan until 2010, and author of the book Iyashino Gendai Reiki-ho (Modern Reiki Method For Healing). His school of Reiki is called Gendai Reiki Healing Kyokai.  "Ho" means method or technique,  and "Gendai" means modern.  So Gendai Reiki Ho means Modern Reiki Method. It is mainly a Japanese style of Reiki. 

I first learned about Mr. Doi through my friends Andy Bowling, Tom Rigler and Yukio Miura in 1998.  The 4 of us were exchanging distant attunements at the time.  Yukio was a student of Mr. Doi's and he had translated some of Mr. Doi's book for us.  This got us talking about bringing him to the West.  After exchanging distant attunements with Mr. Doi and his friend Mr. Tanaka, I offered to host a conference here in Vancouver.  Thus in August of 1999, the first Usui Reiki Ryoho International workshop was held.  Yukio and his friend Yuko Okamato handled translation (assisted by Prof. Akihito Ueki), I made all the arrangements and prepared the conference materials, and Tom, Andy and I played hosts to Mr. Doi and over 60 Reiki Masters from around the world. Several of my local students also assisted.

The following year Tom, Andy and I were asked by our Japanese friends to make presentations at URRI 2000 in Kyoto. During our stay, we also were invited by Mr. Doi to take his Shihan level training in his Gendai Reiki Ho system. This level is known as Gokuikaiden or "highest level".  He modified the class to suit students who had Reiki  master level from other teachers.   This is the same class that I now teach to other Reiki Masters.

Mr. Doi's Known Reiki Training 

  1. Usui - Taketomi - Sasaki - Ohta - Doi:
  2. -- a simplified form of URR Gakkai called Teāte - Complete system, Hiroshima Branch - (1982-84)  .
  3. Usui -  Hayashi - Takata - Ray - Mitsui - Doi: 
  4. -- Radiance Technique  - Reiki 1 and 2 (1991).
  5. Usui - Taketomi - Koyama - Doi: 
  6. -- URR Gakkai honorary but not formal member (equal to Okuden) (1993-99).
  7. Usui -  Hayashi - Takata - Mary McFadyen - Himani -  Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Osho)  - Alpan - Masona - Doi: 
  8. -- Neo Reiki - Reiki 1, 2, 3/Master (199?) .
  9. Usui -  Hayashi - Chiyoko Yamaguchi - Doi: 
  10. -- Shoden to Okuden (2000), possibly Shinpiden June 2000 (as this was scheduled)
  11. Usui - Ushida - Wanami - Kondo - Doi:
    - URR Gakkai Tokyo Branch Formal Training  - began November 2000.  Shoden, Okuden (January 2003)  and onwards - 2000 to 2010. (unlnown as to whether conferred Shinpiden, but he did not wish to become Shihan in Gakkai). Left Gakkai in 2010.
Since 2001 and until about 2010 Mr. Doi had been teaching Gendai Reiki master level outside Japan.  From 2000 to 2003 this was offered to Reiki Masters following each of the annual Usui Reiki Ryoho International (URRI) conferences (held in Vancouver, Kyoto, Madrid, Toronto, Denmark). 

Having studied with him on several occasions, including the 2 times I sponsored his workshops in Canada (URRI 1999 and URRI 2002), I feel I provide a student with a good perspective on the Gendai Reiki Ho approach.  I also offer improved versions of the Gendai manual (with photos) and Video footage of attunements (including Mr. Doi demonstrating), plus similar info from other Doi workshops - all to assist the student to get a better and wider understudying of the Gendai Reiki Ho approach. 

Note that Japanese teachers might place more emphasis on their Reiki energy lineage, than on their teaching or training lineage. I have observed this with Mr. Doi, Hyakuten Inamoto, Mrs. Yamaguchi and Takahashi-san, a former teacher in the Tokyo Vortex school. (Note that Takahashi is now the current URR Gakkai president).

The energy lineage of this class is 
Usui - Taketomi - Koyama - Doi - Rivard
(See this chart)

Gendai Reiki Ho Monthly Gathering in Japan - Mr. Doi is 2nd from the left.

Gendai Reiki is based mainly on the methods used in the original Reiki society (Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai)  - including some of the older techniques no longer taught.  Also, Mr. Doi added in other concepts and methods from other forms of Japanese Reiki, Western Reiki and other healing disciplines he has learned.  He liked to be specific about what is original Reiki, and what is not, so the student doesn't get confused.  Much of the philosophical concepts in the material are not part of Western Reiki and may interest those who already have Reiki training. 

Certified Gendai Reiki Ho Shihans (teachers) are required to teach Gendai Reiki in 4 steps just like Mr. Doi, and they use the translations of his original material they were given.  The 4 steps are Shoden, Okuden, Shinpiden and Gokuikaiden, the latter being the master or teacher level.  

They should also be intending to use only his Gendai Reiki energy in the attunements in this class, just as Doi-sensei does. 

As I mentioned, Mr. Doi had given his presentations at annual conferences that we called Usui Reiki Ryoho International.  I organized 2 of these in Canada (Vancouver and Toronto) and participated in 2 others held in Kyoto and Madrid.  I have studied his material since 1998 and received his teaching (Shihan) certificate in 2000 while in Japan. 

Mr. Hiroshi Doi performing Gendai Reiju at URRI 2000 in Japan

While I include much of the first 3 levels of his class material in my own Threshold Reiki classes, I teach his Gokuikaiden or Master (Shihan) level class as a separate class.  Mr. Doi asked that his senior students use only his material when certifying students as Gendai Reiki Shihan (or any other level)

I teach Orignal Gendai Reiki Ho - it is the Gendai system as taught by Mr. Doi during the years he presented at the 5 URRI conferencesin Vancouver, Toronto, Kyoto, Madrid and Silkeborg.  It is the way that I orignally learned it repeatedly during that time, and what I was certified in.   Since that time, Mr. Doi has modified his system and thus it has changed somewhat.  However, he has not provided a system for his foreign studnets to remain in touch and thus receive updated manuals.   For my own students, I did offer a way to remain in touch and as current as I can be with my system.

As a bonus to the Gendai Reiki Ho Shihan class, I add extra teaching explaining the concepts Mr. Doi presented at the URRI conferences, as well as a segment on the special lecture he gave on Gendai Reiju Methods.  These latter are his simple attunement (empowerment) techniques he used for student gatherings, that he taught at the URRI conferences as well. 

Gendai Reiki Shihan (Master) Class - Ashiya City, Japan, Nov. 6, 2000

In my upgraded version of the manuals I include photos of the attunement steps, and I give the student a video showing myself demonstrating all reiju and attunements, as well as live footage of Mr. Doi teaching this as well.  This helps the distant student to get a sense of what the original live class with Mr. Doi was like, and allows for on-going review and reference.

Typically in the original Gendai Reiki Ho Shihan class the student is offered only the final "Integrated Attunement."  In my class, I also add in the attunements to each of the first 3 levels of training as well, giving the student a more complete experience of this system. 

My Gendai Reiki Ho Shihan Certificate

Click on certificate for larger view

Translation of Certificate Back


Rick Rivard
This hereby certifies that you are given
"Gokui Kaiden", the highest level of 
Gendai Reiki Ho
and recognized as a Shihan - Reiki master of
Gendai Reiki Healing Association.

November 6, 2000
Gendai Reiki Healing Association
Doi Hiroshi

Several times as Mr. Doi's material continued to be improved on, and as I became aware of them, I  kept my own students up to date on this at my internet Gendai class pages.  I have even shared access to these pages with one of Mr. Doi's key students in Japan so that she could report the content and procedures I follow to Mr. Doi if necessary, including the steps I took for my distant classes. 

Note that enrollment in my Gendai Reiki Ho Shihan  class , just like with Mr. Doi's class, is  limited to those who have already received certification in a Reiki Master class.  

This is the version of the class that Mr. Doi taught outside of Japan, and to foreign Reiki Masters in Japan.  (see the Note below.)  The Gendai Reiki Ho class is available only in a live format with me. (see below for the distant class format - Gendai-Ki Reiki)

In the past I have been asked to teach this and other Reiki classes outside of Vancouver in other parts of Canada, as well as in Spain, the UK, the Netherlands, the USA and in Japan.

Please Note: 

This is a Japanese Reiki Master level upgrade class containing many aspects of original Japanese Usui Reiki Ryoho. By upgrade, I mean that the class assumes you already are a practicing Reiki Master and have the ongoing support of a previous teacher in the areas of class content, teaching Reiki classes, giving attunements, and the ethics and practices of a Reiki Master.  The way this class was presented by Doi-sensei outside of Japan assumed all this and he offers no ongoing support after class.  Inside Japan, a new master would be expected to repeat the class and assist Doi-sensei in his other classes and meetings. 

While he visits other areas of Japan frequently to teach, if you are his own foreign student it is up to you to try to contact him on your own.  Since he may only come to your area (or vice versa) just once, it would be your only chance to understand his teachings. 

Also, his Gendai Reiki Shihan upgrade class (what he teaches to masters outside of Japan) does not include the 2-day workshop on his techniques that he used to give with the URRI conferences.  To compensate, I made sure my own students had access to this kind of additional detail, as well as to videos of Doi teaching.

Notes on my Original version of this class: As I mentioeed above, basically this is the system as I learned it from Mr. Doi from 1998 (when I received his distant attunements)  through 2003.  It came to my knowledge in 2011 that he has since made changes to the system at least twice. However, as I am more familiar with the original system before Mr. Doi had acquired so much international exposure (due to our efforts), I prefered to continue teaching it the way I was taught.  As I receive them, I will include any updates to the system as an Appendix notes for those who complete their training with me. In person certificates will still read "Gendai Reiki Ho Shihan" as this is what he originally empowered me to do.

Gendai-Ki Reiki Distant Class

If one of my students chooses to study this program at home and not in a live class, then the transmission of the Gendai Reiki energy will be achieved via distant attunements, arranged at a suitable time with me, and performed as if you and I are in the same room, at the same time.  Please see my explanation on Distant Attunements if you are interested.  In 1998, well before my Gendai training,  I exchanged distant attunements with Mr. Doi and his friend Tanaka-san, so they were able to experience this with me, and vice-versa. 

However, since distant attunements are currently not taught as a normal part of Gendai Reiki Ho, in order to differentiate this slight change I simply call my distant Gendai Reiki Ho classes by the name of Gendai-Ki Reiki..  While the material, attunements and exercises are the same as my Gendai Reiki Ho, the student will usually be certified as a Gendai-Ki Reiki Shihan

The exception will be those who already are a Gendai Reiki student and have received an in-person Gendai Reiki attunement. Also, those who receive an in-person Gendai Reiki attunement from me or one of my Gendai Reiki Ho graduates after the distant class, will be re-issued their certificate as Gendai Reiki Ho.

Aside from the distant attunement, the rest of the class is the same and may actually involve more detail and interaction than the live class.  I have found that distant students tend to spend more time with the material (this may not possible in a live class) and they ask more questions and share much more feedback. In this way, the distant class tends to be superior to the live class, even when compared to the original classes I took.  Often students find the distant attunements to be more intense as well.

A Gendai-Ki Shihan will be allowed to teach this material in a live class, but until he or she receives an in-person Gendai Reiki master attunement, it is best that they  NOT use the term Gendai Reiki Ho for their live or distant training, in order to avoid confusion.  Note that many of my Gendai Reiki Ho Shihan are often willing to give the final in-person attunement to my Gendai-Ki Reiki Shihan for a small exchange if you live in their area or can travel to them.  Or, you can meet with me in person at a later date and receive this from me.  In either case, I will re-certify you as Gendai Reiki Ho at no extra charge.

Repeating Classes

Please be aware that my distant students are most welcome to sit in on a live, scheduled class if I am teaching in their area, or if they should visit Vancouver.  In-person students may also re-take the class if I have one scheduled.  In all cases, there is no additional fee for this.  I only require that you notify me in advance of your attendance.

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